27 August 2009

Still TTCing

I'm still at it. I'll be so glad when this whole ttc process is behind me. Right now I'm on cycle day 18. I had to skip last month and I started my second round of clomid this month. I went in for my Follie check last Monday, I had a big Follie, but I wasn't surging yet. The doctor gave me the trigger shot to induce ovulation on monday afternoon and I guess you can ovulate anywhere from 12-36 hours after that. My chart doesn't make much sense and overall I really have no idea what's going on with my body.

On the bright side, I am getting my hair done afterwork tonight, so that will hopefully make me feel better. I haven't had my hair professional styled in a long time. I am planning on going out on Friday as well. My friends and I are going to on group date. Dinner and bowling or Karaoke or something like that. It'll be nice to hang out. I don't hardly get to see them ever. Plus it'll we'll be a nice distraction from all of this TTCing. I am going to try to forget about the whole ttc process for a while. I am beginning my two week wait and I don't want to stress out over this stuff. I will say my prayers, place this all in God's hands and then focus on othr areas of my life, like my husband and family and friends. I will not be testing early this time. I will wait till I'm 3 or 4 days late before I go buy any tests. I don't want to find out early and then have a chemical pregnancy-God Forbid! That would suck so bad.

Hopefully this is our month! I am going to get pregnant with my forever baby. Hopefully sooner than later.

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