17 March 2010

Why are most U/S techs such douchy biotches?

I had an appointment on Monday. The u/s tech was total douchy biotch and refused to tell me the heartrate. She was kept saying, that we don't monitor that this early. I know that is total BS. I am this close to saying eff you guys and going to a peri. But I have to get them to give me the referral to the peri I want, so I have to play by their rules. I haven't seen my RE since like January and her nurses and techs don't want to tell me anything.

That being said, we got to hear their heartbeats! I have never gotten to hear before! It was soo quick and amazing! That was soo exciting. Two of my babies are measuring ahead, one is 8 weeks 2 day, one is 8 weeks, 3 days, and the runt is measuring only one day behind at 7 weeks 6 days!

My god, I cannot tell you how good it felt to go in for a second u/s and receive good news! I am starting to believe that this might actually happen!

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