19 September 2009

5 weeks and 4 days

Today I am 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant. A lot of people wouldn't even know they are pregnant yet, but I know. I am obsessed counting all of the changes in my body. My nipples are darker, and man do they hurt. It's different from my last 2 pregnancies though. My boobs have this burning feeling on the side, but don't really hurt to bad. My nipples are ridiculously sensitive. I do have a little bit of nausea and painful gas in my belly after eating, but no real morning sickness.

I really really want morning sickness. I think it will make this pregnancy feel more real.

I have a confession. I bought a crib and a changing table on craigslist. I know!! It's super early and with my history, what am I doing?

Well, this babies life is in God's hands and I'm praying that he let's this one stay with us. I am going to stay hopeful and positive. I really believe that this baby will stay with us!

Dear God, please bless this baby. I know that you can make this baby strong and healthy. Please bless this baby!!

The crib and changing table are in the garage. It's a Jenny Lind Style crib and changing table. It's an oak wood color, but I will paint it to match our nursery depending on if we have a boy or a girl. If we have a girl I want to paint it a light lavender color. If we have a girl I want her room to be different shades of lavender with lots of soft fluffy fabrics.

If we have a boy, I will paint it a light blue color. His room will be shades of light blue and Orange.

I hope I get the chance to complete this nursery. If you are willing to keep our family in your thoughts and prayers, we could use all the prayers we can get. If you need us to pray for you, let me know, because we would more than happy to.

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