21 September 2009

Thirst Beta today

Today I am going for my third beta. I am so nervous. For those who don't know, a beta is the the amount of the pregnancy hormone hcg in your blood. When you first become pregnant, the number is supposed to double every 48 hours or so. It's not supposed to matter what your number is, just as long as it doubles. Well, regardless of what people say, I want numbers to be high!

My first beta at 17 dpo was 132, and my second one at 20 dpo was 507. They numbers went up correctly. It's confusing though because some women get betas in the 1-2 hundred range way earlier than 17 dpo. Ugh! I am driving my self nuts. Today is 27 dpo and I am hoping my numbers are in the 6 thousand range. I went on Betabase.info and the average number entered with women my age was 4722. So I would be happy with that range. Dear god let this be a positive experience today! I want my number to go up and my baby to live! Please please God, in the name of your holy Son Jesus Christ, hear my prayers and let my baby live!!! Take away this fear of mine, and allow me to enjoy my pregnancy.

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