10 February 2010

It's been a loooong winter...

Wow. It's been a while since I last posted. I'm sorry. I had to get a way from the internet for a while. I went through a very dark period and I hope that I won't ever have to experience anything like it again. Basically I had another miscarriage and my ob dumped me stating that he doesn't know what's wrong with me and he doesn't think he can help me anymore!
Seriously! No shit something is wrong, usually people go to their doctors for help. WHATEVER. I'm done with that dude.

Last March when we decided to start trying for a baby I made an appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist because my cycles we're so effed up and I wasn't having periods on a regular basis. Well, the earliest they could get me in was December. NINE freaking months later. Of course I couldn't wait that long, so I went to see my regular ob who does my annual checkups. Well they were able to get me pregnant 2 more times, but we see how well those pregnancies did. THANK GOD I never cancelled my appointment with the RE.

Since my first appointment in December I have been diagnosed with PCOS, but every other test has come back normal or good. I had a sonohystogram and my hubs has his sperm checked and his sperm is freaking awesome. They drew 15 vials of blood and did every blood test under the sun. The nurse made a big deal about it too when she was drawing the blood. "Om my! I have never seen so many vials for one patient before, they never run these many tests...blah blah blah!" It's like shut up! I already feel like a freak for having to see a specialist, dont make me feel like the biggest freak in the clinic! I know she meant well, but since it's a fertilty clinic I would rather feel like a regular run of the mill client, who they can fix up and send on her way without even batting an eye. Ya know?

Well, my RE puts me on Menopur and THANK GOD for my insurance, because that shit is FUCKING expensive!!!!!!! I am really blessed to have good insurance and I am very thankful for it with the 50 million doctor's appointments that I have had.

So after having to have my husband give me shots in the butt for 11 days, I started to ovulate on my own. But they had me take the HCG shot (Pregnyl) anyway, I am guessing to just to get me to spend more money because, I was ALREADY OVULATING!!! Whatever.

(I'm sorry guys! I have been in a really bitchy mood lately.) (I guess I am just pissed at the world.)

After I took the shot I went in with my hubs for an IUI. I guess this is to raise your chance of getting pregnant. That was on the 31st of January. Well, normally if I was pregnant I would notice symptoms by now. UNFORTUNATELY, I have to take 2 suppositories of prometruim, which I have been taking since 3DPO and it mimics the symptoms of pregnancy. Bigger boobs, with sore nipples, mood swings, etc.

So right now, I am just hoping and praying to god that this is it for me. That I am pregnant, and that I will get to stay pregnant.

We are supposed to test on Valentine's day. Wish me luck. Because I need it.

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