15 February 2010

Yesterday was such a great day! I called my RE's office and they had me go to hospital for a blood test. My beta was 316 at 14 DPO!!!!!!!!! Compared to my other 2 pregnancies...this is awesome! I had betas done for 2 of my other babies and I believe the first one in July was really low. It was at 24 at 14 DPO and the nurse was not too thrilled about those numbers and even though it did double over the next 48 hours, I never made it over 2 hundred something. My my august baby beta was 125 at 17 dpo.

So I am thrilled with these numbers! Maybe Multiples? I will love and be happy for whatever god has blessed us with!

Oh yea, my estrogen levels were over eight hundred and my progesterone was at 52! The nurse seemed excited so I will assume these are good numbers! Yay!!

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