23 June 2009

Ugh! The Waiting Game!

I think I might be pregnant, but I'm not sure and I refuse to test! The reason I refuse to test is because I don't want to be disappointed if Aunt Flo comes or if I (GOD FORBID!!) have a chemical pregnancy.

So I wait. My doctor told me to test on Wednesday if AF hasn't dropped by yet, but I think I'm going to wait until Friday. Friday just seems like a good day to do it. I'd be about 2-3 days late by then.

Why do I think I'm pg? Well for one thing, , my boobs are swollen and they hurt!! (And my boobs never hurt, except for the last time I got pg!) It could be a side effect from the Clomid - yet another reason why I am waiting to test.

Yesterday I had very light spotting in the morning. I did the q-tip test and it came out very light light light pink. I got really sad, because I though AF was here, but now I am think it may have been implantation spotting, because google it and implantation spotting usually occurs between cycle days 6 and 12, or couple of days before AF is supposed to show up. And today there is nothing showing up down there. Last time I don't think I had implantation spotting, but I also wasn't analyzing the sh!t out of my body, either! Plus I have to pee all the time.

Ugh! I'm driving myself crazy! Anyway, a few more days of waiting and I will know for sure.

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